Dear Partners:

The quality of K-12 education is an important criterion for retention of the military family. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is charged with the critical responsibility and privilege of educating the children of our Nation's military. Recognizing that over 1.1M military-connected students attend public schools, leveraging partnerships with school districts is paramount in influencing successful educational outcomes for military-connected students.

Consequently, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 provided DoDEA the authority to share resources with public schools that educate military-connected students. One aspect of resources is the authority to administer a grant program that supports research-based strategies that enhance student achievement and ease the challenges that military children face due their parents military service.

Since then, DoDEA's Educational Partnership has provided 369 grants. These grant projects impact over 500,000 children from military families in over 2,600 public schools across the country. Data indicate that there is significant improvement in student achievement, increased professional development for teachers, enhanced social and emotional support.

Your expertise and dedication has made this possible! DoDEA thanks you; military families thank you. We look forward to sustaining this valuable partnership through grants and other outreach efforts.


Kathy Facon, Chief, Educational Partnership and Non-DoD School Program, DoDEA


documents papers


  • Social and Emotional Learning for Students Ages 3–8: Characteristics of Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs

    The purpose of the report series is to summarize the benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood, and identify the characteristics of SEL interventions that are effective in school contexts. The four parts to the series are: Characteristics of effective social and emotional learning programs, Implementation strategies and state and district support policies, Teacher and classroom strategies that contribute to social and emotional learning, Outcomes for different student populations and settings.

  • Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models

    Designed for program practitioners, this free course from the University of Wisconsin provides a holistic approach to planning and evaluating education and outreach programs through the use of a logic model.


Grantee Spotlight



  • 2016 SAT/ACT Donation Program

    The eKnowledge Donation Project with US Armed Forces is entering its 11th year assisting Students and Families. The Project waives the complete $250 course price for the SAT or ACT Test Prep Programs, students pay only the cost of delivering the program. For more information, contact Cheryl Litras